Prague Castle

4 Hours

Monumental Prague Castle has always been a symbol of Czech Lands. With an area of almost 70,000 square meters, this extensive complex is said to be the largest castle complex in the world! Explore the beauty of its numerous palaces, churches and gardens, breathtaking views of the city and picturesque nooks.

Lesser Town and Charles Bridge

3 Hours

The noble and romantic Lesser Town will enthrall you! Many aristocrats built their precious palaces directly under the majestic Prague Castle, for both status and protection. One of the most famous ones was owned by the controversial figure Albrecht of Wallenstein, whose palace currently serves as a seat of the Czech Senate.

Jewish Quarter

3,5 Hours

Just a few steps from the Old Twon Square, you can enter the mystical world of Rabbi Loew, in the Jewish Quarter and visit the synangogues, cemetery and Art Nouveau houses.

Vyšehrad cemetery

2 Hours

Visit with us the historical symbol of Czech nation, closely allied with the myths and legends of Bohemia: the ancient Vyšehrad castle, which used to be, back in the days, a residence of Czech kings. Neo-Gothic church, Romanesque rotunda, ancient fortifications offering a magnificent panoramic view of the city, casemate and a famous cemetery where many important Czech personalities rest in peace.

Old Town walking tour

Let yourself be enchanted by the magic of living Old Town, an attractive mixture of varying architectonical styles and cultures. In the heart of the Old Town lies Old Town Square, featuring the spectacular, six hundred years old astronomical clock. Every full hour the apostles pass, the bell rings and the golden cock crows.

Modern Architecture

4 Hours

Discover the Manhattan of Prague! Formerly known as the workers' quarter, Karlín has developed into a center of modern architecture. Did you know that in Karlín, you can find the 2011 world's best office building of the year? The Main Point building, which is the only LEED – Platinum Certificate holder in Central and Eastern Europe, is worth the visit.

Prague Art-Nouveau

3,5 Hours

To admire the most beautiful Art Nouveau buildings in the world, you need not travel to Vienna or Paris! Come to Prague, and discover how this great and elegant artistic movement helped transform the face of a city already rich in architectural history. Full streets and an entire quarter of Prague’s downtown were rebuilt in Art Nouveau style.

In the footsteps of Communism

5 Hours

Travel back to the times of the communist regime, and get to know what it was like to live under their oppressive rule. This exclusive tour will take you to the most important sights of the past era, in Prague. During a riding/walking tour, you will get to know stories and important facts about this infamous period of European history.

Strahov Monastery


Join us for an exclusive engagement at the Strahov Monastery, founded in 1140 by the Premonasterian Order of monks. The Czech Republic’s storied history and culture will confront you around every corner.

National Theatre or Estates Theatre


Explore the exceptional atmosphere of musical Prague, during an exclusive, private visit of the most important historic theatre in the city and one of the symbols of Czech national identity – the National Theatre, situated in the very heart of Prague. With its majestic golden roof, it forms a dominant of the right river bank. Or you can join us for an exclusive tour of the Estates Theatre, which became famous especially as “Mozart´s home stage”.

Folklore Dinner Show


Join us for an enchanting ride to the typical Czech countryside just behind the gates of Prague. During the evening’s entertainment, you can try traditional Czech specialties, taste delicious Moravian wine and enjoy live folk music, accompanied by dancers in period costumes.

Historical Tramway

1 Hour

Explore the city in style, through the windows of a historical tram from the turn of the 20th century! The route starts in the proximity of your hotel and during the 40 minute journey, you will experience the history of Prague first hand. Accompanied by a classical accordionist and a tasty beverage, you will enjoy the atmosphere of Old Prague from a unique perspective.

Historical cars / Old timers

1 Hour

Are you looking for something extra special, possibly to win over some tough clients? Would a gala dinner help? Accompany your clients to the event in historical cars from the beginning of the 20th century. Even more exclusive!


Vltava River Cruises

2 Hours

Discover the golden city from a distinctive perspective - the deck of a boat. You will explore the often overlooked corners and nooks of Prague, coupled with a brilliant lunch or dinner, making your stay in Prague unforgettable.

Cable Railway to Petřín hill


Take a ride in the cable railway up to Petřín hill, where you can admire the beautiful Prague landscape, climb Petřín Tower (younger sister of the Eiffel Tower), or enter the magical world of the mirror labyrinth with its “hall of laughter.”River Cruises